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Consulting Services

REI Service Corporation's consulting service division provides clients with a wide variety of services to assist with the valuation, acquisition or disposition of real estate. It also includes an expertise in managing various real estate businesses.

Utilizing REI Service Corporation's consulting services allows a client to benefit from twenty-five years of experience and expertise. REI Service Corporation has completed numerous assignments in a timely fashion and to the client's complete satisfaction. REI's excellent reputation can be verified by contacting any of its clients.

Business Consulting Services

REI Service Corporation provides its clients in developing everything from business plans to operating budgets and procedures. REI Service Corporation employs a high standard of ethics and a commitment to excellence. Our expert recommendations are based on a careful analysis of all business factors including the economic and environmental impact of each type of business.

Construction Loan Administration Services

REI Service Corporation provides lenders with complete construction loan administration services from residential construction to multi-million dollar commercial developments. The service includes a review of all construction documents (including contracts, budgets, plans and specifications), periodic inspections of construction progress, administration of mechanic lien waiver affidavits, and disbursement recommendations.

Due Diligence Analysis

REI Service Corporation provides comprehensive research of all pertinent, economic, physical and legal factors affecting real estate. It has performed due diligence on numerous properties throughout the region.

Expert Testimony

REI Service Corporation provides many law firms with their services and expert testimony concerning real estate. REI's vast knowledge of New Hampshire real estate has provided law firms substantiation of information pertaining to their individual cases.

Highest & Best Use/Alternative Use Analysis

REI Service Corporation provides analysis of existing properties to determine the best use of an asset as well as obtaining a client's objectives. This includes review of space plans and consolidation of multiple properties for improved efficiency.

Interim Business Management

REI Service Corporation provides either partial or full management of businesses in much of the New England area. The firm has successfully managed numerous businesses making them profitable with its proven systems. The firm has a successful track record in managing businesses such as car washes, health clubs, hotel and general retail.

Lease Negotiations

REI Service Corporation provides its clients with expert lease negotiations utilizing its twenty-five years of experience and knowledge of the market conditions. We have negotiated over one million square feet of complex leases which has earned us a reputation among attorneys, owners, and tenants as being professional, fair, and always representing the client's best interest.

Market Plan/Research

REI Service Corporation develops marketing plans for either leasing or sales that are based on meaningful market research gathered from numerous sources.

Portfolio Analysis

REI Service Corporation provides clients with a complete review of their real estate portfolio either for valuation purposes or to develop a plan for better managing their portfolio. This includes sell/leaseback and purchase/lease analysis.

Tax Abatement

REI Service Corporation provides clients with tax abatement services for real estate that has been disproportionately assessed. The firm has obtained an abatement on every case that it has been involved with to date.