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Property Management

REI Service Corporation has limited its property management services to commercial and industrial properties since its founding in 1981. The focus of the property management division is to insulate the owner from the day-to-day problems while keeping them fully informed.

The goal of the division is to maximize the value of the owner's investment by creating value. This is accomplished by a system of maximizing revenue and reducing expenses by paying attention to details. This philosophy employs the opportunity for a building owner to save money as well as having a well maintained building.

All members of the firm recognize that happy tenants are critical to attracting new tenants and maintaining the existing ones. REI Service Corporation has a customer service department with highly skilled staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle property issues in a responsive and professional manner.

The firm provides leasing services to owners of property that we manage and develop leasing plans specific to the property that will obtain the objectives of the owner. We have negotiated leases for over a million square feet of commercial space. Our over twenty years of negotiating complex leases has earned us a reputation among attorneys, owners and tenants of being professional, fair and always representing the client's best interest.

The firm's accounting department has the ability to quickly develop budgets and control expenditures. In addition, they monitor the leases and administrate them in a timely manner invoicing all escalation charges and rent increases. Although rarely a problem, they also actively collect any payments not promptly paid.

Expenses are controlled through a thorough audit and identification of cost savings that will not adversely affect the tenants. REI Service Corporation does not contract with itself for maintenance repairs or supplies. All supplies, repairs and service contracts are bid out to at least three contractors or vendors to insure the lowest possible costs to the owners.

REI Service Corporation has a proven track record of enhancing the value of real estate while operating properties in a Class A manner. REI's excellent reputation can be verified by contacting any of our clients.